IDR306 Game Theory and Sports Economics

IDR306 Game Theory and Sports Economics

Course code: 
Course name: 
Game Theory and Sports Economics
Program of study: 
Bachelor i Sport Management (idrettsledelse)
Course name in Norwegian Bokmål: 
Spillteori og sportsøkonomi
Course name in Norwegian Nynorsk: 
Spillteori og sportsøkonomi
Level of study: 
1. syklus (bachelor)
Teaching semester: 
2019 Høst
Assessment semester: 
2019 Høst
Language of instruction: 
Norsk, Engelsk
Language of examination: 
Norsk, Engelsk
Language of litterature: 
Recommended previous knowledge

No special, but some knowledge in economics and mathematics is a benefit.

Required prerequisite knowledge



Course content

The course treats the following topics:

  • Nash equilibrium
  • Simultaneous/Sequential games
  • Dominant strategies
  • Dominated strategies
  • Game theory and information
  • Game models of Penalty kicks, Throw-ins, Free kicks, Corner kicks and matches/leagues
Learning outcome

Give an introduction to game theory with ain emphasis on applications within football economics, football strategy and football management. The main objective of the course is hence to show how modern game theory can be applied in football.

The student shall after completing the course:

  • have basic knowledge in game theory
  • be able to apply and understand game theoretic applications within sports strategy/economic problems
  • be able to judge (and at least partly) understand and discuss central stregic and economical problems within Norwegian and innternational sport
Working and learning activities

Observe given lecture plan

SkoleeksamenIndividuell4timerBokstavkarakter (A - F)100 Kalkulator med tomt minne+generell ordbok morsmål/norsk/engelsk i papirformat
Form of assessment:Skoleeksamen
Type of duration:timer
Grading scale:Bokstavkarakter (A - F)
Supported material:
Support material:Kalkulator med tomt minne+generell ordbok morsmål/norsk/engelsk i papirformat