IDR600 Project

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Program of study: 
Bachelor i Sport Management (idrettsledelse)
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Teaching semester: 
2018 Spring
Assessment semester: 
2018 Spring
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Language of examination: 
Norwegian, English
Required prerequisite knowledge

The student need to have passed all mandatory Sport Management bachelor subjects from the first and second year. The Bachelor thesis can only be written by students that have been admitted to the Sport Management bachelor study at Molde University College during the course of the last five years.

Course content

The Bachelor thesis shall give the students the opportunity to work with a project for a long period of time. The Bachelor thesis aims to join the different topics that the students have had thus far in their Bachelor studies. The Bachelor thesis can be linked to external institutions/organisations.

The Bachelor thesis can either be written individually or two and two students together.

This course is part of the throughlines in personal development, research and team work in the BSc in Sport Management. Description of throughlines available in the program description

Learning outcome

After having writteh the Bachelor thesis the student should:

- be able to formulate a research question

- be able to choose relevant theories and methods to analyze and discuss a chosen topic/research question

- be able to plan and coordiante a data collection

- be able to formulate oneself in writing

- be able to work independently with research analysis

Working and learning activities

12 hours introduction lectures in october and november (fall semester)

Three seminar days during the course of the spring semester where the students present their work. All students are given individual feedback from a seminar superviser as well as from peer students.

All students are given 20 hours individual supervision during the bachelor thesis.

Mandatory courseworkCourseworks givenCourseworks requiredPresenceComment
Seminar-/collection participation33Not required
Obligatoriske arbeidskrav:
Mandatory coursework:Seminar-/collection participation
Courseworks given:3
Courseworks required:3
Presence:Not required
Form of assessmentGroupingDurationType of durationGrading scaleProportionCommentSupported materialSupport material
Home assessment- semesterLetter (A - F)100 All printed and written supporting material
Form of assessment:Home assessment
Type of duration:semester
Grading scale:Letter (A - F)
Supported material:
Support material:All printed and written supporting material