TRA610 Green Logistics

TRA610 Green Logistics

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Green Logistics
Program of study: 
Bachelor i logistikk og SCM
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Green Logistics
Level of study: 
1. syklus (bachelor)
Teaching semester: 
2020 Vår
Assessment semester: 
2020 Vår
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Norsk, Engelsk
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Recommended previous knowledge

Background knowledge equal to the content of SØK200, TRA310 and SCM110 is recommended.

Course content

The course will cover core subjects dealing with analyses of the environmental performance of transport systems and supply chains. A general introduction to the sustainability aims of the UN regarding environmental issues will form the backdrop of the course. The footprint and role of transport systems and supply chains in this picture will be analysed. The footprint will be defined in economic terms as an external effect through an introduction to envrionmental economics. The efficiency of technical and market-based incentives and regulations will be discussed. Strategic and operational tools available for companies will be introduced. Green supply chain solutions as a business opportunities and CSR is discussed. Contemporary issues like the environmental impact of e-business and sustainable city logistics will also be addressed. Through the obligatory tutored essay, students will have the opportunity to dig deeper into a selected topic related to module content.

Learning outcome

The successful candidate will be able to

  • present the environment-related sustainability aims of the UN, and discuss how transport systems and supply chains play an important role related to these aims
  • analyse the environmental footprint of different modes of transport and discuss how this footprint could be reduced
  • define environmental impacts as economic externalities and discuss market-based and non-market-based regulations as means of internalization of these externalities through the theory of environmental economics
  • identify and analyse tools available to companies that wants to make their supply chains greener
  • discuss how greening supply chains and transport operations could enhance business opportunities
  • exemplify and discuss strategies for sustainable city logistics solutions
  • analyse how e-commerce may impact the environment
Working and learning activities

Lectures and classroom activities.

Sensor system

One single internal sensor.


Closed book school exam counting 100%.


Alan McKinnon, Michael Browne, Maja Piecyk, Anthony Whiteing: Green Logistics - Improving the environmental performance of logistics, 3rd edition, KoganPage 2015.

Nick Hanley, Jason Shogren, and Ben White: Introduction to Environmental Economics, 3rd edition, Oxford University Press, 2019.

Video-recorded lectures with lecture notes/Power-Points.

Addidional material TBA.

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