SCM702 Purchasing and Supply Theory

SCM702 Purchasing and Supply Theory

Course code: 
Course name: 
Purchasing and Supply Theory
Program of study: 
Master of Science in Logistics
Course name in Norwegian Bokmål: 
Purchasing and Supply Theory
Course name in Norwegian Nynorsk: 
Purchasing and Supply Theory
Level of study: 
2. syklus (master)
Teaching semester: 
2016 Høst
Assessment semester: 
2016 Høst
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Minimum number of students: 
No specific number
Maximum number of students: 
No specific number
Recommended previous knowledge

Same as acceptance to the MSc program in logistics.

Required prerequisite knowledge

No specific requirements.

Course content

The course presents a broad scope of issues within purchasing and inter-organizational theory:

  • industrial buying behaviour
  • supply chain management
  • transaction costs theory
  • principal-agent theory
  • resource-dependence theory
  • relational contracting theory

Participation of students through questions and comments in the classroom is important and recommended for enforced learning and making a good atmosphere of learning in the classroom.

Learning outcome

The course aims at providing knowledge about purchasing and inter-organizational theory and the organization of business-to-business relationships upstream.

The course will give the students insight and knowledge about current theory and literature within the purchasing and supply field and how purchasing firms are to perform economic transactions with their suppliers and will elaborate the conditions for efficient organization of supplier-buyer relationships.

The relationship between relevant purchasing and supply theories and the analysis of purchasing and supply problems is an important issue and the course aims at improving the students’ ability to apply relevant theory in their master theses.

Working and learning activities

3 hours of lectures per week

Sensor system

External grader


A written exam of four hours duration in the end of the semester.


Required reading is given in fronter at the semester statr.

Relevant litterature.

Text Books

  • Douma, S. and Schreuder, H.: ”Economic Approaches To Organizations”, chapter 1, 2, 3, and 8. Prentice Hall International, (UK) LTD., Fifth Edition.
  • Van Weele, A. J. : “Purchasing and Supply Chain Management”, Sixth Edition, chapter 1, 2, 6, 7 and 11,  Thompson Learning.

Journal Articles:

  • Salema, G. and A. Buvik:” The impact of buyer-supplier integration on supplier logistics performance in the hospital sector in Tanzania: the moderation effect of buyer’s cross functional integration, International Journal of Procurement management (forthcoming).
  • Heide, J. B.:Inter-Organizational Governance in Marketing Channels: Theoretical Perspectives on Forms and Antecedents, Journal of Marketing, 58 (January), 1994.
  • Buvik, A. and T. Reve: Inter-firm Governance and Structural Power in Industrial Relationships: The Moderating Effect of Bargaining Power on Contractual Safeguarding of Specific Assets, Scandinavian Journal of Management, September, 2002.
  • Buvik, A.: Hybrid Governance and governance performance in industrial purchasing relationships, Scandinavian Journal of Management, 18, 2002.
  • Buvik, A. and O. Andersen: The Effect of Multiple Sourcing on Buyer Control in Industrial Buyer-Seller Relationships, International Journal of Procurement Management, 8, 4, 2015. 
  • Buvik, A: “The Industrial Purchasing Research Framework: A Comparison of Theoretical Perspectives from Micro Economics, Marketing and Organization Science”. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 16, 6, 2001.
  • Gosling, J. and  Naim, M. M.:“Engineer-to-order supply chain management: A literature review and research agenda”,  International Journal of Production Economics, 122, 2009.
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