LOG904-142 Inter modal freight Transport

LOG904-142 Inter modal freight Transport

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Inter modal freight Transport
Program of study: 
MSc in Logistics - Seminars
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Teaching semester: 
2016 Autumn
Assessment semester: 
2016 Autumn
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Course content

This course, deals with intermodal door to door transport where the modal combination involves sea transport as one of the modes. Most attention will be paid to the sea-land intermodal combination, but other combinations will be covered as well. The course focuses on strategic and operational aspects of intermodal transports in a cross disciplinary approach. The course covers:

  • Introduction to intermodal transport
  • Intermodal transport technologies
  • Intermodal system management and economics
  • Analytical frameworks for strategic intermodal system design

Upon completion of the course, the student will understand the economic, social and environmental significance of intermodal freight transport, and be able to describe the main kind of actors and means of transport in an intermodal transport system and understand technical and managerial issues related to intermodal transport.

1. Finally, the students should be able to critically analyze and access the market potential of different sub-segments of the intermodal transport market.

2. The students should choose a sub-segment to analyze further by means of: market analysis (including competitive analysis of different actors and transport modes) and system setup (suitable routes, timetables, technologies, and infrastructure).

Lecturer: Rickard Bergqvist