LOG904-136 Business model innovation and transformation

LOG904-136 Business model innovation and transformation

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Business model innovation and transformation
Program of study: 
MSc in Logistics - Seminars
Level of study: 
2. syklus (master)
Teaching semester: 
2016 Høst
Assessment semester: 
2016 Høst
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Course content

The most powerful disruptions in the marketplace occurs when organizations harness technology innovation to drive business model innovation. Today we are experiencing digital disruption through new business models on a massive scale as analog business struggle to survive despite their efforts to add digital capabilities to existing business models. The purpose of this class is for you to learn how to be a digital disruptor through experiential learning. Over the course of the week you will learn and apply several new models to:

1) identify and quantify the failure, pain and tensions driving disruption among customers;

2) apply design thinking to innovate the current value proposition;

3) incorporate gamification principles and mechanics as new capabilities to change customer behaviors;

4) transform the economic model for capturing new sources of value.


The final day of class is a Pitch Day where each team presents:

1) an infographic outlining the problem, new value proposition and its benefits to customers, your organization and society;

2) a wireframe of an app that supports the new value proposition by delivering new value; and

3) an economic model of how this will enable you to capture the economic benefits of the new sources of value.

Lecturer: Christopher Wasden, University of Utah, USA. (chris.wasden@eccles.utah.edu )