LOG904-126 Decision Modeling and Metaheuristics.

LOG904-126 Decision Modeling and Metaheuristics.

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Decision Modeling and Metaheuristics.
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MSc in Logistics - Seminars
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Teaching semester: 
2016 Autumn
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2016 Autumn
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Course content

The seminar provides an introduction to the most effective Operations Research and Management Science techniques in the context of Optimization. This is an applied course in which students will be exposed to a variety of decision modeling applications from business to supply chain management. The course will show how to use Excel spreadsheet to solve them effectively. In particular, we apply the Linear Programming (LP), Integer LP and Non-LP methods in the Excel Solver to target logistic problems. We follow a modeling approach, from developing a mathematical model to the problem at hand, selecting the appropriate solving method, to analyzing the results.

Special emphasis is given to the families of solving methods, including exact and heuristic approaches, and the mono and multi-objective optimization models. In particular, we target the metaheuristic methodologies, the class of modern heuristic procedures, which are able to handle large difficult problems. We will cover some of the most promising methodologies, such as GRASP, tabu search, and genetic algorithms, which have recently shown their ability to find high-quality solutions in short computational times. We will show how to apply them, when the classic optimization methods fail to solve a problem.

Lecturer : Rafa Marti