LOG904-122 Managing channel relationships.

LOG904-122 Managing channel relationships.

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Managing channel relationships.
Program of study: 
MSc in Logistics - Seminars
Level of study: 
2. syklus (master)
Teaching semester: 
2016 Høst
Assessment semester: 
2016 Høst
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Course content

Designing Marketing Channels – Structural & Behavioral Considerations

The focus of this seminar is to examine key elements that influence the design of marketing channels from both a structural and behavioral viewpoint and takes into consideration the perspectives of suppliers, channel members and organizational buyers. This seminar will address important conceptual frameworks from the channels and organizational buying literatures as well as their application in real life settings. Topics will include:

  • Rationale for Marketing Channels
  • A Framework for Channel Analysis: Design & Implementation
  • Channel Power, Dependency & Locus of Control; Conflict Management
  • Theoretical Perspectives on Channel Governance
  • Opportunism and Behavioral Norms in Channel Relationships
  • Control Mechanisms & Structures
  • Sourcing Strategies

Lecturer: Rodney Stump