LOG206 Digital Business Management

LOG206 Digital Business Management

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Digital Business Management
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Årsstudium i logistikk og risikostyring
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Digital Business Management
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Teaching semester: 
2021 Spring
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2021 Spring
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Norwegian, English
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Recommended previous knowledge


Course content

The path to digital business success is not straightforward. Selecting correct strategic direction and surviving in an increasingly harsh competitive environment is quite challenging. While several flagship digital businesses are now leading global brands, failure rates of digital transformation and digital business start-ups are also alarming. The good news is that successful businesses, both start-ups and existing businesses, have leant and implement right strategic decisions about digital technology, digital marketing and supply chain management.

Against the above backdrop, the aim of LOG206 is to provide knowledge and some practical skills that can help students navigate towards digital business. The course identifies and presents key management principles and decisions required by organisations moving to digital business and consider the process by which these decisions can be taken. Some of the key questions include: How to create effective value proposition? Which business models should we implement? Which external environment factors should digital business managers consider? How to optimize digital assets? In which ways can Big data be used to create and deliver value? How to carryout digital transformation?

The course takes an integrative approach by drawing on insights, theories and models from many disciplines such as information systems, marketing, economics, supply chain management and strategy.


Core topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Digital business and E-business
  • E-commerce business models
  • Macro Environment of Digital Business
  • Digital Business technology platforms
  • Digital Business strategy
  • Digital supply chain management
  • E-commere and freight distribution
  • Innovative urban freight transport
  • Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to Big data Analytics
  • Managing digital business transformation
  • Analysis and design of business processes



Learning outcome

The objective of this course is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of digital business by covering:

•Basic principles of business and their application to digital business.

•Approaches to developing digital business strategy and applications.

•Practical management issues involved in creating and maintaining digital business.


Thus, upon fulfillment of this course, a successful candidate shall be:

•aware of the basic principles of business and their application in digital business

•able to craft and evaluate digital business strategy and applications

•able to manage implementation digital business strategy


Working and learning activities

Learning activities will comprise of lectures (two hours per week) and exercises/assignments. In completing the assignments, students are expected to work in groups or individually (if necessary), but the instructors will be available (physically or online) to assist students who need help.


The course will be assessed based on a final exam, carrying 100% of the final grade. Review questions that reflect the nature of final exam questions  will be provided at the end of every topic.

While questions in the final exam will be in English, students will be allowed to present their answers either in Norwegian or English. This course uses digital exam system, read more about digital exam at: 

http://www.himolde.no/english/forstudentene/Sider/Digital-eksamen.aspx (Links to an external site



Mandatory courseworkCourseworks givenCourseworks requiredPresenceComment
Assignment(s) Not requiredCompulsory exercises within given deadlines.
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Mandatory coursework:Assignment(s)
Courseworks given:
Courseworks required:
Presence:Not required
Comment:Compulsory exercises within given deadlines.
Form of assessmentGroupingDurationType of durationGrading scaleProportionCommentSupported materialSupport material
School assessmentIndividual4hoursLetter (A - F)100 Only general dictionary in mother tongue/Norwegian/English in paper version
Form of assessment:School assessment
Type of duration:hours
Grading scale:Letter (A - F)
Supported material:
Support material:Only general dictionary in mother tongue/Norwegian/English in paper version