GSU7 Research Practice

GSU7 Research Practice

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Research Practice
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Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Logistics
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Research Practice
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Research Practice
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2017 Spring
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2017 Spring
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Recommended previous knowledge

Completion of the first semester of the Master's degree program.

Course content

A research practice is an independent, extensive work that is done under the guidance of an advisor/professor in the discipline. Not more than two students can work on the same topic. Candidates are relatively free to choose topics. A topic can be either applied, related to a company or an agency/governmental body, or it can be a theoretical investigation.
The research practice is about how to prepare research proposal, and is compulsory for all students.

Learning outcome

After finishing the research practice, the students will have gained a broader understanding of subject areas relevant to logistics and supply chain management. The research practice will provide theoretical capabilities that will help the students in the research process for the master thesis.

Working and learning activities

Research practice is a preparatory work for the master thesis and there will be no instructions or lectures given for this, but the students should work in close cooperation with their supervisors. Research practice includes the search of the potential topic for the master thesis, literature search, choice of research methodology and the written presentation of a literature review for the proposal for the master thesis to be defended in Semester 3. The research practice is an independent work done by a single student or two students together and supervised by two faculty advisors – one from Molde and one from Moscow. It is the duty of each student to obtain a supervisor at the latest in the start of Semester 2. The supervisor will usually also supervise the proposal and the master thesis. The supervision includes all aspects of this process like giving advice, reading drafts and so on.

Form of assessmentGroupingDurationType of durationGrading scaleProportionCommentSupported materialSupport material
Home assessment- -Letter (A - F)100Submission of the written literature review on the potential research topic is required. -
Form of assessment:Home assessment
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Grading scale:Letter (A - F)
Comment:Submission of the written literature review on the potential research topic is required.
Supported material:
Support material:-