DRL001 History of Logistics

DRL001 History of Logistics

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History of Logistics
Program of study: 
Philosophiae doctor in Logistics (PhD)
Course name in Norwegian Bokmål: 
History of Logistics
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History of Logistics
Level of study: 
3. syklus (PhD)
Teaching semester: 
2017 Vår
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2017 Vår
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Recommended previous knowledge

The course is aimed at PhD students within the field of logistics and supply chain management, economics and business, management science, with background in probability theory and statistics.

Course content
  • Introduction to the history of logistics in general, starting from the middle of 18th century until today; changes in supply chains over the centuries due to changes in technologies, needs of the societies, and market situations.
  • The history of purchasing; an overview over the development of theoretical frameworks within industrial purchasing and business-to business marketing, including industrial marketing and buying behavior, inter-organizational issues in buyer-seller relationships and the network approach of inter-firm business.
  • The history of inventory theory starting from early last century and the research during the last 100 years; when and how did it start, when was stochastic problems introduced, when was discount introduced, etc.
  • The history of transportation economics with relations to logistical issues; the peak load problem, classical localization theory, development of the spatial dimension in logistical models, technological development within the transport sector.
  • The history of production; the history and development of optimization techniques and how these techniques are used in combination with better developed computers and software to solve practical problems in production, logistics and workforce planning.
  • History of distribution and vehicle routing starting with early results in routing going back to 18th century, and the development of the travelling salespersons problem, vehicle routing and arc routing problems from the middle of the last century until today.
Learning outcome

The main purpose of this course is to give an overview of the development of logistics through time. Some topics like purchasing, transportation, inventory theory, vehicle routing and production theory will be highlighted. 

Working and learning activities

30 hours lectures. All lectures are mandatory.


Required reading is given in fronter at the semesterstart.

Selection of book chapters and scientific articles

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Oppmøte til undervisning Not required30 hours lectures. All lectures are mandatory.
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Comment:30 hours lectures. All lectures are mandatory.
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