DRL001 History of Logistics
DRL019 Advanced discrete event simulation modeling
DRL022 Partial Least Squares Structural Equations Modeling (PLS - SEM)
DRL024 URban freight and BEhaviour change
GSU1 Global Energy
GSU2 Transportation and Forwarding of Hydrocarbons in a Supply Chain
GSU3 International Oil and Gas Logistics
GSU4 Energy Resources Trading on World Market
GSU5 Basics of Oil and Gas Technology
GSU6 Basic Principles of Shelf Field Development
GSU7 Research Practice
IBE201 Informasjonsbehandling
IBE430 Business processes
IBE700 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with SAP
IDA710 Business processes and information modelling
IDA715 Discrete Event Simulation
JUR710 Contract Law
LOG206 e-Business
LOG500 Management Models and Operations Research
LOG510 Value Chain Analysis
LOG525 Quality Management
LOG708 Applied Statistics with SPSS
LOG711 Supply Chain Management 1
LOG713 Models for Production Management
LOG715 Business cases in SCM
LOG716 Mathematical Modelling in Logistics
LOG722 Inventory Management
LOG730 Basics of Petroleum Logistics
LOG731 Networks Logistics
LOG733 Exact Optimization Methods in Logistics
LOG740 Advanced Petroleum Logistics
LOG765 Project Planning and Control
LOG820 Vehicle Routing with Heuristics
LOG904 Seminars in Logistics
LOG904-100 Proposal Presentations
LOG904-101 Research design
LOG904-109 Measuring and Managing Performance in Shipping, Logistics and Supply Chains
LOG904-110 Integrated logistics and operations: Learning through games
LOG904-113 Oil, Gas and Petroleum Products Flow
LOG904-114 Game Theory
LOG904-115 Integer Optimization Models in Logistics.
LOG904-116 Offshore upstream logistics.
LOG904-117 Business intelligence
LOG904-119 Scheduling models and algorithms
LOG904-120 Effects on Logistic Performance from RFID and EPCIS.
LOG904-122 Managing channel relationships.
LOG904-124 Productivity analysis
LOG904-125 Transportation Infrastructure and Economic Development.
LOG904-126 Decision Modeling and Metaheuristics.
LOG904-127 City logistics.
LOG904-128 Distribution management.
LOG904-130 Port logistics
LOG904-131 Applied dynamic and stochastic programming for logistics
LOG904-132 Visual Analytics
LOG904-133 Cross cultural management
LOG904-136 Business model innovation and transformation
LOG904-137 Health, safety and environment for the offshore oil and gas industry
LOG904-139 Energy Logistics
LOG904-140 Supply Chain Management in the Service Industry
LOG904-141 Simulation in petroleum logistics
LOG904-142 Inter modal freight Transport
LOG904-143 Cost Engineering
LOG904-144 Gas Transport Infrastructure Planning.
LOG904-145 Logistics in petroleum production
LOG904-146 Supply Base Logistics
LOG904-PET Seminars in Petroleum Logistics
LOG950 Master's Degree Thesis
LOG953 Master's Degree Thesis
SCM300 Survey Design
SCM305 Applied Management Science
SCM500 Internasjonale transporter og forsyningskjeder
SCM702 Purchasing and Supply Theory
SCM705 Cost Management in SC
SPR315 Norwegian I Language and Culture
SØK640 International trade
SØK710 Industrial Organization
TRA410 Transport og økonomisk utvikling
TRA500 European Transport Policies
TRA700 Transportation Infrastructure Assessment
TRA705 Urban Freight Logistics
TRA816 Maritime Transportation
TRA820 Air Transport Economics